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Insurance / Billing Policies

Dr. Schacter bills as a "fee for service" provider and is considered "out of network" with your insurance company. Payment is expected in full, by cash or check, or charge at the time of your office visit. This course of action makes us unable to file a claim, but maximizes your privacy and also puts you in control of what information you make available to your insurance company. As an "out of network" provider, we would provide you with a statement that you may, or may not, choose to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

If any additional information is needed, we will work alongside you to provide what is needed to process your claim. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse you, since insurance policies vary so widely with respect to how psychiatric services are covered. There may also be additional services recommended that may not be reimbursable by insurance, like school based evaluations or reports. These will be discussed as the situation arises.

When calling your insurance for benefit and coverage questions, it is imperative that you tell them it is for Psychiatric services, as most insurance companies handle these claims differently. Some even go through an additional, separate insurance carrier altogether. Usually those companies list the Mental Health benefit number on the back of your insurance card separately. We always recommend actually speaking with a customer service representative with your carrier, to get the most current, accurate information available.

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Questions to Ask Your Insurance Provider
Do I have Mental Health benefits?
What are my Out of Network benefits?
Is there a deductible before I am reimbursed?
Can I submit my own claims?
What is your reimbursement rate?
Do I have a maximum amount of money or visits that are allowed?