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Establishing yourself as patient

  New Patients: How To Begin

  • Initial assessments generally consist of 1-3 consecutive visits that will be split between the patient and if applicable his/her parents. During those first three sessions Dr. Schacter will review your current medical records and could possibly also request additional information from previous patient records, and/or interview spouses, family members, peers, and teachers if permission is granted by the patient. For children & adolescents, Dr. Schacter will also assess the emotional, cognitive, educational, physical, genetic, developmental, family, peer, and social components of the patient's presenting problem.
  • The last visit in the assessment process will be used to review the presenting diagnosis and the recommended treatment plan. The treatment plan may or may not include medication. If all parties are agreeable, a long-term patient/doctor relationship will be established.
  • Should you be in active treatment with a therapist prior to initiating an evaluation with Dr. Schacter, she will coordinate treatment with that therapist and you.
  • Dr. Schacter does not perform psychiatric evaluations for legal purposes such as establishing grounds for a personal injury claim, or for the sole purpose of obtaining social security disability income.
  • New patients do not need a referral, unless otherwise stated by your insurance carrier. Initial patient paperwork can be found here or mailed upon request.

  For both new and pre-existing patients, please access and download the patient forms using the FORMS tab above or click here.